Baseball Bat Oaxacan Wood Carving Folk Art

Baseball Bat Oaxacan Wood Carving Folk Art

This full sized red baseball bat was carved out of a single piece of copal wood and painted exquisitely by a master Oaxacan alebrije artist who instead of painting with traditional brush strokes decided to give detail to the art mostly by painting thousands of dots using the end of a brush. The artist drew from his own imagination several creatures such as fishes, turkeys, turtles, dogs, cats, snails and many more! The amount of work that went into creating this piece is huge and took close to one year which started with curing the wood, carving, drying and ultimately painting the bat. You can hang this work of art up on a wall or display it on a table but it is not for actual baseball use. 

Length: 32"


Copal wood
Hand-crafted item

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